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Neri Karra - leather accessories, the design of which remains timeless.

The history of the brand Neri Karra is associated with Mr. Karra, who was born in Bulgaria. All his life he was interested in fashion trends and luxury items. However, it was not possible to create a private enterprise in Bulgaria, and in the late 1980s, Karra moved to Turkey, where he started producing leather goods together with Italian manufacturers. And in 2000 he presented his own brand - Neri Karra.

The emergence of a new brand, Mr. Karra owes his daughter Neri (whose name he called the trademark). It was she who persuaded her father to create his own enterprise, producing leather accessories. Neri Karra products have become the personification of high-end products, the design of which is developed by the best fashion designers with regard to fashion trends.

Neri Karra is a flawless handicraft and a material of amazing quality.

All Neri Karra creations are created by the hands of experienced craftsmen from the highest quality materials. Designers travel around the world in search of better skin. Special attention is also paid to the choice of metal fittings.

Each product passes a multi-stage quality control before leaving the factory.